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Local Pros: 14 of 15 Brooklyn Nets Live in the Borough

The Nets not only play in Brooklyn, the majority of the team lives there as well. Borough reporter Jeanine Ramirez caught up with one player who's quickly become a Brooklynite. Joe Harris says he loves to walk around Fort Greene to discover all that his new neighborhood has to offer.

Oscar Lopez Rivera: If I Say Anything, it Will Never be Accepted

There's been so much controversy surrounding the appearance of recently released prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera in this weekend's Puerto Rican Parade. Now he's telling his story to NY1's Jeanine Ramriez in a rare sit-down interview. "I would be remorseful if I did something wrong," Oscar Lopez Rivera told me Thursday night.

Acting Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez Learns the Politics as He Prepares for Democratic Primary

Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez leads one of the largest DA offices in America, but he is not well known to voters. Gonzalez hopes to change that as he battles in a crowded Democratic primary for district attorney this year.

Brooklyn as the Capital of Cool? The Society of Old Brooklynites Prefers the Good Old Days

It's one of the city's oldest civic groups, closing in on its 140th birthday. Members meet once a month to talk about the good old days in Brooklyn, which many of them see as better than today. Brooklyn Reporter Jeanine Ramirez has the story: Nostalgia brings together these men and women once a month.

'El Chapo' Lawyers Claim Notorious Drug Lord is Being Treated Unfairly in NYC Jail

NEW YORK - Notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman made a second appearance in Brooklyn Federal Court on Friday, where his lawyers argued he is being treated unfairly while in custody in New York City.

Nets' Official Scorekeeper Marks 50 Years with Team

He's a basketball legend you probably don't know about: a man who has been with the Brooklyn Nets, sitting center court since the franchise was born a half century ago. NY1's Jeanine Ramirez filed the following report. The all-time leading Olympics basketball scorer Oscar Schmidt of Brazil shakes the hand of another title holder, Herb Turetzky, the official scorekeeper of the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn DA Moves to Exonerate Lawyer in Notorious Vote Fraud Case

When he succeeded the late District Attorney Ken Thompson last fall, Eric Gonzalez vowed to continue Thompson's agenda. Now he's fonce again fulfilling that promise, moving to clear a man who has long said his only crime was defying Brooklyn's Democratic bosses. Brooklyn reporter Jeanine Ramirez filed the following report.