Jeanine Ramirez: Awards

National Hispanic Media Coalition: Excellence in Broadcast Journalism

El Diario: Distinguished Women 2004

South Side United 

"My job is to make sure that we level that playing field, to make sure that your stories are out there and to make sure that people understand what is happening in the communities and know that the sense of community here is so strong that it needs to be, that story needs to be told again and again and again." 

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Nurse for a Day

Maimonides Medical Center recognizes nurses for their hard work 



BY CITY & STATE | MARCH 25, 2014 04:18PM

“I stood on the boardwalk for Superstorm Sandy in Coney Island and had to escape. I covered 9/11,” she said. “And those things stand out. But just this past week I covered a man who turned 112! He just walked right into his own party, and I had a whole conversation with him. I’m still amazed.”